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Testimonials: Testimonial

I attended GLOWGA. A special event held at the Fit Effect. It was the most amazing, relaxing, and calming experience I’ve had. Switching semesters I was going into with a negative attitude. Cassie opened my mind and set a positive mindset in my mind moving forward. Cassie’s event was nothing short of awesome. I’ve never been to a yoga event before this one. Safe to say, I will be back. Cassie gives many different variations to make poses harder or easier depending on your comfort level. Cassie is so full of energy and let’s off so much positivity into her classes. She is calm and she speaks softly creating a relaxing atmosphere.Working at the Fit Effect, I see her on her way to teach her classes her mindset is always positive. If you haven’t tried one of her classes yet, it’s a must! 10/10!!

Daneka Miller

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