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Growth With Cassie

Since you may have joined in on the birthday yoga or took the time out of your day to wish me a happy birthday then you would know this day is partially about me. I figured what better way then now to share the growth of this little yoga business of mine then on this day.

I've taken the time to interview myself and find out where I'm standing to compared to last year so here is what I had to say...

What are you most proud of?

-Choosing not to quit even when life got hectic and added lots of ups and downs. I still managed to look beyond the low and keep me head up knowing things would pass and everything would be ok.

What's your favourite part about life right now?

-Being able to have found the confidence in something that I truly love then being able to share this passion with others in a safe and relaxing environment.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

-Have completed all 500hrs of yoga training. Would also love to have more training in different styles of classes to be able to teach a wider range of yoga classes that will serve more people.

What is your biggest fear?

-forgetting what the sequence was on the first side when we go to do the next side.

Biggest Lesson?

-In a community where yoga isn't big like in a bigger city, it's been hard giving yoga away for free. I know my time is valuable but I like to give back and one way I wanted to was to offer yoga to people who couldn't afford it or just wanted to try it before committing. It's hard when people choose to go a week before then change their mind day of because they didn't have to pay for it.

What do you believe in most?

-The yoga community is growing here in Paris and that I know it will be because I had an impact by sharing my passion.

Biggest Struggle?

-Having a very small yoga community in Paris.

Biggest Advantage?

-Having a very small yoga community in Paris so that I can create fun local yoga events to draw different individuals out to their mat for the first time. I get to do this was little competition and get to work and meet amazing local business owners.


2018 2019

# Events Held 5 12

Money Donated $650 $50

Events asked to teach at 0 3

Biggest Group 23 46

Unsuccessful 1 1

My #1 Supporter My mom My Mom

#1 Believer/Motivator Nick Hayward Nick Hayward

Investments Time Website, Yoga Mats, Business Cards

Thank You to everyone who has believed in me and pushed or supported me over the last year! You are truly appreciated!

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