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FIVE Reasons Why You Should Start A Yoga Practice Today

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

1.  Build Strength

  You may not realize your strength and weaknesses until you have what seems like an easy pose only to attempt it and fall flat.  It’s happened to me many times but that is when you become determined to practice.  You start to research extra counter poses that well help you get even further into the final pose. The day your body finally clicks to understand the pose is a moment you realize the extra strength your body has gained.

2. You Will Experience A Yoga High

  This could sound crazy to some but if you’ve actually experienced a good yoga class then you will certainly know that feeling afterwords. You will have a different energy or vibe after a class.  You may even get a yoga glow because you know you just spent that last hour focusing on your body and listening to what it needs. 

3. Yoga Relieves Pain

  Think of yoga as more of deeper stretching.  You aren’t expecting to get your feet behind your head but yoga will actually help you release any pain you experience in your day to day life (eg. back pain, headaches, high blood pressure, difficult pregnancies etc.).  Yoga is always great for athletes with injuries or post soreness as will you pay attention to those tight spots and it can help prevent you from further injuring yourself. You will also notice your digestive system will be energized and cleansed, circulation will improve and your joints will become more limber. Yoga can also help build your immune system so you can experience less sick days.

4. Mind, Body & Soul

  Some people stay away from yoga for the "spiritual" aspect of it but there is different terms. You may not be a religious person but rather feel connected to the earth or connected to a person you care about or just anything in general that has a certain meaning to you. Yoga helps you to connect your mind, body & soul together so you can manage to a live a healthy and positive lifestyle. You will notice after a class how the whole world has changed. You will walk around with a clearer head and view the little things a little closer. You will react differently at an argument and know if it’s really worth fighting over. It will be easier to make life choices but more importantly you will feel happier, lighter and look at life in a positive attitude.

5. You Have An Hour To Focus On You

  This is your time to focus on YOU. This is the time where you don’t have to answer any emails, texts or phone calls. You don’t have to worry about the day you just had at work or the presentation your going to be giving. You don’t have to worry about your kids or what your going to be making for food. This is your time to forget about everything for SIXTY MINUTES and to listen to YOUR BODY. No comparisons or judgement. Everybody’s body is different so only you can go as far as needed. This is your time to relax, let go of any stress or anxiety, connect your mind body & soul and to become an even better version of yourself! 

So what’s your excuse now for not getting on your yoga mat today?

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