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FIVE Reasons Why You Need Flexibility

I understand you don't think it will matter if you choose not to stretch or to even attempt to touch your toes, but i'm here to tell you why you should at least start adding some flexibility into your life & body.


First, what is flexibility and why do you need it?

Flexibility is what you need to so you can continue to do extra tasks into your busy life. If you want to improve in the gym then your body needs to be flexible. If you want to run longer then you need open up the muscles. If you want a faster recovery time after a sport then you need to stretch before & after. If you want less pain in your body in general then you need more mobility.

I will put it into simple terms - if you want your body to move properly without any restrictions or pain then you need to add flexibility into a daily or even weekly routine.

But lets get to some of key reasons as to why you need flexibility 👇🏻

Less Injuries

1. If you are someone who injuries themselves quite frequently then gaining flexibility will be just what you need. If your muscles are open, then your body will be able to withstand more physical stress. The chances of you injuring yourself is higher when muscles are imbalanced so by adding even 5 minutes of stretching daily or a couple times a week can make a huge difference.

Better Performance

2. When you add a regular stretching routine in your day then you will start to notice how this will effect your body in other activities. Example: if you are a runner then you will probably start to notice you can run for a longer period of time before your muscles start to feel stiff. Having flexibility can help reduce lactic acid build up that causes muscle soreness & stiffness during any extra exercise.

Increase In Mobility

3. The more flexible your muscles are then the higher range of motion you are going to have within your body. When your muscles are flexible, movement in your body will become more comfortable and you will be to move in proper sequence. Increase in motion can help make any daily task easier to do or can allow you to do things you never could before ( like touch your toes ).

Heart Health

4. Not only is it beneficial to stretch the muscles, it's also very beneficial on the heart and helping to lower your blood pressure. When stretching the muscles, you are also stretching the blood vessels that feed a healthy flow of blood. Being flexible will help to reduce stiffness in the blood vessels and will increase blood flow to the heart.

Improves Poor Posture

5. Weak flexibility can be hard on your joints as tight muscles can affect your spines alignment. This can be unnecessary strain that will only get worse over time. To improve your posture it is best to add poses in that will open the shoulders/neck, your spine and lower back. You can try simple poses like Mountain Pose, Cat-Cow, Bridge Pose, Eagle Pose or Plank Pose.

These are just a few benefits to gaining flexibility in the body. If you are knew to gaining flexibility and you aren't sure where to start, the check out my free beginners guide to finding flexibility below. It will show you the top 10 yoga poses I used to gain flexibility in my own yoga practice.


My name is Cassie and I am a certified yoga teacher based out of Paris Ontario. I help individuals start a yoga practice so they can gain flexibility.

If you are looking for a fun way to start yoga then be sure to check out some of my yoga events that are held in unique locations.

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